Preserving your youthfulness, slowing down the aging is no longer a dream but a reality.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you wanted so bad to go backwards but it was impossible, and you had to deal with the consequences?

Well! This is what skin care is all about!..

Which woman, irrespective of her age, has not dreamt of preserving or restoring the youthfulness of her face? Bringing continuous innovation, GERNÉTIC Int. Laboratories, specialists for more than 40 years in skin care have developed, after many years of research, a line of products that effectively fight against the cutaneous ageing of the face and hands.

It is easier to prevent aging than to cure it. So avoid thinking you have time to start a program.

Engage in a routine now!

Not only can young people counteract breaking out, they also should get into the habit of taking care of their skin as soon as fine lines appear. There is a price to pay in order to keep looking young: first of all there is the cost of the products. Then the consistency of applying them EVERY DAY. Dedication is the key to success. GERnétic® products may seem expensive at first, but they last a very long time compared to regular products and you will never throw them out: THEY WORK!

On this site you'll find products:

Anti Aging

Dry Skin

Olily Skin

Blotchy and Sensitive Skin

Clear and Bright complexion

Around the eyes and fragile areas


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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