GERnetic: A mission to provide age defying benefits to the Skin 
GERnetic for cystic acne & blotchy skin. Vasco, Mixed and Oily, Flower Acid Lotion
GERnetic Reviving dull skin: Vasco, "Perfect Face" catalog category.
GERnetic & sensitive skin. Glyco, Fibro,  Mito Special, Vasco, Argini Mask.
GERnetic eyelid care specifics: Eye gel, Eye mask. Vasco, Synchro 2000
GERnetic and fat reduction, slimming, firming.
GERnetic for stretch marks:
GERnetic and burns: Synchro, Cytobi, Cells Life
GERnetic & swollen legs: Lympho, Vasco Artera
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