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The first time I came to you my face was red and blotchy as well as being full of acne. You had to do so much squeezing during the facials at that time; we had to skip the massage. Today my blotchiness is gone along with the acne and the texture of my skin is so much nicer. My skin looks better than it did in my twenties. In fact, this is the best skin I have ever had in my whole life!!
Laurie G. Sparta, N. Jersey


I have sensitive skin and I have used Gernetic products for over three years. My skin is now clear and uniform and no longer irritated. If I run out of products, I can see the difference in one day. Gernetic products are a skin saver!
Ellen B. Essex Fells, N.Jersey.


My sister got me started with Gernetic products to treat acne. The facial products are working beautifully. I only received them last month but saw a difference immediately! I feel that my acne is completely under control, if not cured now. I am now wondering how I could improve the condition of my scalp which I have seen a dermatologist about before. Can you recommend which hair products to use?
Thank you,
Sarah H. Arroyo Grande, CA.


My sister came to visit me from Israel and introduced me to Gernetic. One application on my face and I was hooked. I couldn't believe a cream can make such an immediate difference in the look of my skin. I'm going to start with the eye gel and the two creams that you have recommended.
Again, thank you so much for your quick response and your recommendations.
Anat B-Sh. Kirkland, WA.


Synchro is truly a miracle cream! I burnt the underside of my forearm on the BBQ kettle. I had quite a burn and it developped a huge blister. Fortunately, Grace recommended that I use Synchro on the burn. Following her directions, I applied a tiny bit of the cream several times a day and now that the burn has healed, I have virtually no sign of the wound or scar. A wonderful product!!
Thanks, Cathy L. W. Caldwell, N.J.


I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Gernetic- especially “masque yeux”! I have always had an annoying problem with dark circles and puffiness. ”Masque yeux” gave me dramatic results overnight! It is truly amazing, the circles and puffiness just vanished. I look forward to trying the daytime eye gel. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
Mary Ellen D. East Hanover, N. Jersey.


I am from Iceland and I heard about Gernetic there. I had a problem in my face and my pedicure lady recommended Gernetic SYNCHRO. She is selling it in her Salon in Iceland. It helped me but now my husband have a eczema or a Psoriasis and I am going to try it on him.
Brynja D.
Orlando, Florida.


When I began getting facials at Sense of Self in 1994 I was using department store products for face care. Besides relaxing under the magic fingers of its owner Grace, she introduced me to her beauty care products and my skin has never been so clear and soft. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery I had to undergo Chemotherapy and radiation. My skin was so dry from the chemo that I naturally turned to Grace for help. She added another product (Cytobi) to my daily routine and my skin returned to normal in a matter of few days. I highly recommend Gernetic products.
Eileen D. West Caldwell, NJ


Dear Grace,
Thank you so much for the wonderful services you provide. It's such a pleasure to come to your salon, I feel completely rejuvenated after every visit. And what a wonderful line of products you offer! Before I'd tried them I strongly believed that all the cosmetic companies produce basically the same stuff with the only difference being in the packaging. But since using Gernetic I completely changed my perception on this matter. There is a difference, and a big one! All the Gernetic products I have tried are just wonderful, even a simple cleanser or toner. My favorite so far though is Synchro, that I have already used for 4 years. I get compliments about my skin from a lot of people, even from dermatologists! I address it to you and Gernetic. I had an opportunity to see with my own eyes what a miracle these products can do . You know, it's hard to notice a difference when you see a person every day, you need some time to notice changes.
I bought "Cytobi" for my mother's birthday. She is 78 years old, and expensive face cream is not something she will treat herself to. Two weeks passed before we visited her again, and I was astonished to see what this little jar did to her. I don't know about wrinkles, it's hard to say for a person her age but what's most important her skin was glowing from inside, it was
fresh and young even with the wrinkles! Even my husband (you know men normally don't notice such things) asked what did she do to herself to look so good. People who meet her for the first time always wonder about her age asking if she's already reached 65. This is the best compliment a woman of her age can get!
A lot of people ask me what skin care products I use. I am more than happy to recommend your place to all my friends, they all really enjoy your services.
Thank you again for being here, and for the Gernetic you gave me a chance to fall in love with.
Natasha S. Montville, N. Jersey


I am Brazilian and I live here. I discovered Gernetic last year when I went to Brazil in vacation and the cosmetologist used it on my skin. I just used once and I really liked the result.
Odete P. Stonewall,


Hi Grace! I have continued to be very pleased with my Gernetic products. The products for the bust have also improved the results of Vasco Artera. I have one question, are these products safe for use during pregnancy as well? Thank you!
Klara A. Los Angeles,


I have used Gernetic products for 3 years and love how my face and body look. Before I began using Gernetic, I spent thousands of dollars at the dermatologist’s office on micro-dermabrasion and glycolic acid treatments. Despite the efforts, I was never happy with the end product - my skin looked "cooked" instead of glowing, and my skin remained oily and prone to break-outs.
I have been a client at Sense of Self for four years, and even though I loved the facials and could see a great improvement in my skin, it took a lot of persuasion for me to even try the Gernetic product line. I equated them with just another expensive line of skin care treatments that you see at the department stores. I slowly began using the facial products on a daily basis and have never looked back. I would not even consider using anything else anymore. The products work, and the results are visible!
The facial products are easy to use and fit in with my active lifestyle - I work full-time and am also a Mom. I have to have products that can be applied quickly in the morning and evening. I especially like the Marine treatment line. I combine these products with the
Derma face cleanser and Fibro toner for a great result.
For my body, I use the bust care and body firming products. I find the Lympho and Somito treatments for my body to be very effective for firming and toning. For bust care, I use Seino and Macro 2000. The body and bust treatments work wonders.
No one can stop the aging process, and there is no miracle cure for it. My goal is to look the best I can at any age without resorting to plastic surgery or extreme dermatology. Gernetic enables me to exceed this goal!
Susan K. Caldwell,
New Jersey.


I have a Hairdressing Salon and I love your products. I had an esthetician that used them when she worked for me. I sold lots of  products for her and realized how good they were. After a few try outs on myself I started using them regularly. My esthetician had to leave me and has moved away. I would like to continue using the products. Please let me know if I can purchase them through you if possible. Thank-you and have a great day!
Suzanne D. West Palm Beach.  


I am thrilled at the results so far for stretch marks and cellulite. They are almost completely gone, I am sure they will go away completely soon.
I am wondering if it will ok to use skin clair products on the bikini sides, I have some hyperpigmentation there.
Thanks so much for all your advice, I am lucky to have found you and Gernetic. Thanks.
Renu. M.,


As for the products they worked wonderfully. The products for the breast, macro 2000, endo special and seino worked great. I felt the tightening and more firming of my breasts. The one effect that was the best was that my cup size dropped and I felt a more normal size to my body proportions.
Marilyn V. Puerto Rico.


My friend has been using GERnetic about 10 years. She is Russian. When she lived in Russia, she used to buy this product in a Russian store. Now she lives in America. I am Russian too and live in America. She told me about GERnetic products and even gave me samples to try. She likes this product and highly recommended it to me. I liked it too and decided to order. This is how I know about GERnetic.
Dina W.,
Tucson, Arizona.


I wanted to let you know that my mother-in-law started to use the Lympho lotion. It is really doing wonders. The swelling in her legs is coming down.
She also had a lot of veins close to the surface of her skin and the skin wasn't a good color. Now, we don't see the veins and the skin coloring is more normal. She is absolutely thrilled because her legs had been swollen due to surgery to repair her broken hip. I want to thank you so much for recommending Lympho! It was a really great thing to do.
Rosanne S. West Caldwell, N.Jersey.


I love the products. I want to buy cytobi, synchro, glyco. Thank you for the samples. my skin looks much better and moist.
Lisa D. Princeton, N.Jersey


Thanks so much for your help and the products as well! I found this amazing product through my esthetician in Colorado.  My skin was not doing well with acne and she really kept speaking so highly of the Gernetic products.  So finally she gave me a facial using the product and then also I purchased the product for home use and saw amazing results! I have been using it for about 2 years.  I found you on the internet listed for selling the product within the US! I have moved away from Aspen for the Summer but needed some lotions and such!
Thanks again and I absolutely love GERnetic!
Caitlyn G. Framingham, MA.


I'm a gernetic "addict" since 5 years: I discovered it through a dermatologist in Rome, Italy, and through a close friend of mine who works for him. I'm totally in love with synchro and immuno and have tested many other products ( I wish they were a little bit more affordable but I deeply believe in quality and this is the reason why I think Gernetic is the perfect kind of investment).
Gaia F. Brooklyn, N.York.


Thank you for your advice on how to use the Gernetic products. I have been using Adipo Gasta and Lympho for about 4 months now. In combination with massage, it has been an amazing experience for me. First of all, I was extremely skeptical about what results I could expect. I can only say that seeing is believing. I have lost 16 pounds in the 4 months and the contours of my body have changed quite a bit as well. After about 2 weeks using the regime I suddenly noticed that I had become very thirsty for water. I started to drink much more water than I have in the past because of being so thirsty. As well, I realized over the next few weeks that I had lost my appetite for some of my favorite foods. In my case that means fats such as mayonnaise, butter and cheeses. That lack of desire to eat what has always been my favorite tastes is what amazes me most and is certainly the reason for 16 pounds in 4 months. I have made no attempt to go on a diet beyond eating what my body seems to want and not want to eat. I have no other reasonable explanation except that these products work! Stephanie S. Carlisle, Massachusetts.


Just a short note to say how thrilled I am to have met you. Your advice on skin care is quite superlative; your choice of products is top notch; and your facial was spectacular. I was lucky the day I noticed your outdoor sign…Thank you so much.
Patricia Z. Little Falls, N. Jersey


I was introduced to " Gernetic" line in Russia and have been using it for 8 years. I am very much satisfied with those products. I am 42 y.o , but people easy give me 30-32 years.
Thank you
Larisa P. Savannah, GA.


I’ve tried everything under the sun to find a cure for my skin problems, but to no avail. While my skin has not entirely cleared up, it is looking better, and I have faith that if I stick to the products, they will do the job.
Caitlin E. Caldwell, N. Jersey


The other day as I was taking my usual walk around my development, I met a friend I had not seen in quite a while. She said “ Hi Chris! So good to see you! You look wonderful! Tell me! Have you had a face lift?” “ Oh No!” I said. “I’m just using Grace’s products. I have been using them for a long time and I must say there is a remarkable change in my skin.
Christene M. Toms River, N. Jersey.


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