A firm and toned bust


GERNÉTIC bust products: the result of years of researches. It brings the answers to the concerns of the ones who want to keep their attractive bust, or to recover muscular tone and firmness and of those whose breasts are under and over developed.

The curve of your bust depends on the skin tone and on the supporting muscles. The breast is in fact supported by a "natural brassiere" or cutaneous girdle which determines its height and firmness. The elasticity of this girdle, constantly subjected to the trials of pregnancies, weight losses and natural ageing, must therefore be maintained. To keep the aesthetics and beauty of your bust, you must start looking after it early.

If you think that the only answer to breast enhancement is to risk surgery, think again! The GERnétic® products for the bust are the result of over 25 years of research. They provide a transdermal absorption of nutrients to compensate for diet deficiencies that have led to an imbalance of the breast, therefore its imperfect beauty. They answer the concerns of those anxious to keep their bust attractive, to recover muscle tone and firmness and those who wish to develop and enlarge or reduce their breasts. The products are natural. They contain absolutely no estrogens, by-products or toxic substances whatsoever.                                                                                                

Never begin a bust treatment if you notice something wrong during examination of your breasts.

DO NOT USE if you have implants (absolute contra-indication), cysts, ganglions or tumor.
Please remember to have your breasts examined regularly by a doctor. It is YOUR responsibility to get authorization from your doctor to use the products if you detect anything suspicious.


A thorough consultation with us is strongly suggested in case of breast development so that we can give you the most accurate prognosis as far as the results are concerned.

Please go to the breast consultation page

APPLICATION: All the GERnétic® products for the breast must be applied in very small quantity. Overuse of product reduces efficiency. Apply with light strokes in a descending and cross-motion from the parting of the breast down then up towards the armpit with the right hand going to the left armpit and the left hand to the right armpit making sure you do not move the breast. Make sure you apply all products on the nipples as well.


Please apply Seino first (a squirt on each breast) , then Endo Special (couple sprays on each breast), then Macro 2000 (a big pea size on each breast).






Prices are subject to change without notice.

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