Laboratoires Gernétic Synthese (labo Ger.s) is located in France in a region called le Gers. Labo-Ger.s benefits from a superb and ecological environment ideal for the creation and the production of one-of-a -kind, innovative skin care line that makes sense when one refers to the anatomy (how it looks) and the physiology (how it works) of the skin and the body. 

A highly advanced technology!    

GERnétic® applies and combines the principles of several alternative medicines to formulate its products:

* BIOLOGY: Brings the essential nutrients the cells need to function properly.

*HOMEOPATHY:The dosage is in minute quantities for best result. (Overuse of product reduces efficiency).

* PHYTO-AROMATHERAPY: Use of plants for their therapeutic effects.

* VITAMIN and OLIGO THERAPY: Vital elements to counteract diet deficiencies.

* ALGO THERAPY: Pure concentrate of nutrients from seaweed. 

* AMINO ACID THERAPY: The building blocks of the entire body, to maintain and repair the tissues.

Based upon 40 years of cellular biological research into cell function and needs, GERnétic® is regarded as being one of  the most sophisticated and effective beauty care line available today.




Prices are subject to change without notice.

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