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Treating extreme & EVERYDAY skin ailments, as well as skin aging.

  This site is the valuable source of information you have silently been requesting on the skin, its health, and its proper care. 

In 1978, after 17 years of intense research, a French biologist, Mr Laporte, brings a meaningful concept in the field of skin care with a method that associates GERontology (The science of aging) and geNETICs.

An evolution in skin care never seen before opens the doorway to beauty and health. GERnetic was born!

GERnetic has determined the function and role of vitamins, essential minerals (Micronutrients), phytochemicals (Chemicals from plants) and Amino Acids in promoting optimum health and rejuvenation of the skin (Orthomolecular therapy via the skin, also referred to as "Transdermal nutrition" in the skin care business.)

GERnetic therefore is a holistic dietary supplement VIA THE SKIN.

Our methods:

1.-Using high-tech precesses to enrich the formulation of our products with increasingly active natural substances.

2.-Developing their synergy for treatment right down into the epidermis, making them up to 10 times more efficient.

3.-Guaranteeing you flawless quality by testing and controlling all our products before, during and after their productions.

Our advice:

To get the most out of your products from Gernetic international, and to benefic from the best advice in their use, follow the recommendations of your "Gernetician". As a true professional, trained by us in our methods, she will always be able to find the right answer to your need and expectations, whether you choose to benefit from our relaxing and non-aggressive methods and beauty cares in a salon or whether you use Gernetic products at home.

Gernetic is dedicated to science and luxury.!

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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